Colorful fashionistas Floral retro tie-dye pants outfit Harlan

Colorful fashionistas Floral retro tie-dye pants outfit Harlan
In addition to suspenders, the season's most popular pants trousers certainly be considered Harun, and the new of Floral Harlan pants, wider at the top of the design, elastic waistband is directly through sets of the same color as pajama trousers, look how all like aunt pants. Although not careful because a wide leg will be printed trousers embodiment alley aunt, but stars and all the fashionistas are its fans.

ZARA 8-9 Month new Harlan pants with colorful "Ma'am pants."
Leisure shirt, pants with printed trousers immediately escape. Extraordinary mix is also reflected in a printed scarf, but a contrast echo, great feeling. Army green pants for the bottom of the large flowers have a strong color effect of the collision, and the Floral and leather in the mix and match effect is very different, the street is very eye-catching Oh!
Unlike the star who's printing Aunt, the secret is too small and fragmented patterns on the best selection and elegant tone; and personalized printing to batik dress can equally well; gorgeous color saturation on the direct selection of accessories to go with a national wind.
European and American actress love loose more comfortable style, but treading water in the coat and hair will still feel the overall increase aunt; and neat and simple black short hair TEE is also choice; did not expect male stars also love print pants, the pants The colors in the color selection of a color as the shirt is very clever.
Fenlv with printing pants, rolled up trouser legs to the IN fashion, with big hot lace jacket with retro sense of perspective and small, and look just like a trendsetters. Mainly scattered blue flowers with large green jacket full spirit, Who can not wear white color is not printing? Daren gave us a good example.
Black and white geometric pattern plasticity Hen strong, so it must be with good upper body Caixing. Many people like black and white, dressed in black or white pigment used to wear, neglect can mix and match colors of two classic collision of a more modern effect to steal the spotlight.
Flower color pants to match well with dark or mainly a single large blocks of color compared to suppress it, so the upper body colors to choose the right clothes. With the retro wave, Harlan pants have become the new darling of the fashion world, street beat up people competing interpretation of the unique charm of Harlan pants, colorful ink by Harlan pants ingenuity.
Relatively sophisticated retro design, combined with more traditional colors, it simply with a shirt on with black on the most wild, compare the taste. For a simple walk in the evening worn. The greatest advantage of high girls put on a casually Flats is to reveal the legs slim leg type (provided that legs), bright spot came out. High waist retro design printed trousers, elongated body line, together with the pure black coat, and stability of the entire line of sight focus. Vintage necklace and red high-heeled bright spot is a plus.

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Colorful fashionistas Floral retro tie-dye pants outfit...
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