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Jennifer Lopez sexy photo exposure...

Jennifer Lopez Sexy Photo
Jennifer Lopez Sexy Photo
Jennifer Lopez Sexy Photo

Jennifer Lopez sexy Nice Bottom charm of this work days after the well-known brand-new magazine photo shoot the large baked. Simple clothes are a trace of endless temptation and glamorous....

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Variable evening storm swimsuit fashion

Black Magic perspective

This summer, the inspiration for many swimsuit set directly from the 2010 spring and summer clothing T units, such as (Michael Kors) brand chain belt and dress decorated with a simple piece of plastic, and Marc Jacobs brand clothing folds . But you do not like buying clothing sets, like T Cut the same money to buy these clothes. For example, Valvo dress general price between 500 to 1000 U.S. dollars; and a series of dress swimsuit price also 150 dollars. "Expensive, fancy gown --- including Turkish decorative style flash chip can be sold around 600 U.S. dollars which has been the cocktail dress --- the best choice." Satya Rai, said the brand's creative director Kai Lunlei.

Hollow strap handle the details

"When completed drape and cover, gown outline is definitely very sexy, fit," she said, "but there are some very terrible Turkish style gown. I told them to Mu Mu gown (a large colorful woman robe, first popular in Hawaii). "mine even wear her own designs silk printed Turkish robe, the work in the middle of Manhattan. "I started making this series because I've been to many parts of the trip. I want to wear these clothes to different places, so they do not appear fold."

Swimsuit set to become a dress, not completely transparent or not based mostly done under the bust pinched tight handling. "You need to dress like the purchase of such clothing as procurement. You need to find a suitable model, it put on itself." She said. Do not forget to wear accessories, Schelling adds. Color of wood or metal bracelets, sunglasses, bright handbags, flat sandals are a complete portfolio. "These are really suitable for swimwear suit from head to toe look. We found that our customers really like to look around --- to create a new swimsuit after wearing it all day. What you really do not need to wear the other clothing go on vacation or go to the beach, wearing bathing suits suit can go to lunch, the cocktail party and dinner. "Valvo swimsuit suit wear the most uncertain of activities is the actual surfing and swimming. In the pool or beach cottage is more suitable for such a deep V-neck or halter outline. He explained: "This garment is worn to take the cruise, it makes you look very beautiful. I do not believe you would wear it into the water."

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European and American fashion icon

European and American fashion icon

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